CamFix Car Lens Support and Multi Tripod

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Shoot with any size lens or use your scope from the comfort of your vehicle with the Eckla Camfix Window Mount and Tripod Stand.

Attach your gimbal head, ball head or scope mount and shoot with stability that bean bags just can’t provide.  The Camfix mounts to your door or your window, and can mount both inside and outside your vehicle.  As strong as the Camfix is, it still folds up to small size for travel and storage, and only weighs 28 oz.

The Camfix also functions as a super stable tripod stand, great for macro shots or low level photography.  Covered in a padded plastic surface, the Camfix can be used on your vehicle hood or roof without scratching.  With its many configurations, you’ll find plenty of uses for this mount!

•    Mounts to vehicle door or window
•    Strong enough for any size lens
•    Mounts with gimbal heads, ball heads and scope mounts
•    Padded plastic coating prevents scratches
•    Converts to tripod stand
•    Weighs 28 oz (.79 kg)