EcklaSphere Swing Unit

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Don’t let a bean bag or the ground limit your shot.  The Eckla Sphere Swing Tripod generates clearance space and allows your lens or scope to track your subject without interfering with focus or telephoto adjustments.

German engineered and manufactured, the Eckla Sphere is made of aluminum and stainless steel, and comes with stainless steel inserts for easy mounting to lens feet, lens plates and scope mounts.

The Eckla Sphere’s shape allows you the greatest mobility with optimal stability.


•    Includes stainless steel mounts for 3/8-16 and 1/4-20
•    Includes carry bag
•    Diameter:  4.75” (12 cm)
•    Height:  1.5”  (4 cm)
•    Weight:  1.85 lbs  (.84 kg)